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Online registration till 25.08

2800€ PrizeMoney

This year, we received a lot of inquiries, the number of teams in each competition:

Triplet - 80 teams      1. place: 800€ I 2. place: 300€ I 3. place: 100€

Douples - 128 teams 1. place: 500€ I 2. place: 200€ I 3. place: 100€

Mixed D - 64 teams   1. place: 500€ I 2. place: 200€ I 3. place: 100€

Participation is just that Pre-registered for teams sure.


Pre-registered competitors by their wristband, additional discounts they get from the prices of restaurants in the area. (details at the start of pre-registration)


Hotel Europa Fit**** provides additional discounts for the participants of the Petanque Festival during the competition, and also provides care for star players.


Promo code: Petanque2023

With the code, it is possible to get an additional 10% discount from the special offers.

For the guests of the Hotel Europa Fit****, we provide a free shuttle to the competitions every day.

Discount booking HERE.

I would like to see other offers of the hotel...

Discounts during the competition:

Hotel Europa Fit**** - 10%

Book here

Kanyar Bárkonyha - 30%

Lady Hamilton - 10%

Holsten Restaurant - 20%

Festival Food truck

For the duration of the event, we plan to provide a food truck to ensure continuous dining options.

Truck Eats
Image by Pablo Merchán Montes


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